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Sometime in the 1960’s Buckminster Fuller was asked by a child why wood burns he explained that; “The tree through its leaves had absorbed the light of the sun and stored it in the trunk as it grew. Then men cut it down and sawed it into logs. And what you see now is sun light unwinding from the log.”

The FUEL that feeds the FIRE creating potential actualized is at the core of transformation the stuff of creative process, the split log, seed cones, trees, stumps, rocks, water and pools are metaphors for the creative life force energies stored within then released or unwound radiating out becoming my artistic expression transformed into paint on canvas.

In my painting I strive to understand the opposing forces of light and dark. How this tension holds an image on canvas and allows it to come to life. This is symbolic of the tension that exists in physical matter.

Light and energy are the ground in my work. They permeate the physical layers built upon that foundation, reflecting the layers of meaning within and representing landscape as metaphor.


Monte Shelton 2019


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